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Mark Kennedy

Licensed Real Estate Agent | Auctioneer

Mark proclaims himself ”Breakfast Point’s Biggest Fan”. In fact, Mark loves Breakfast Point in Sydney's inner west so much... he moved there!

A long time ago, in a suburb not so far away... Mark and his wife Marion caught the ferry to Cabarita and instantly fell in love with all Breakfast Point has to offer. Three months later the Kennedys had moved in and soon after Mark joined Ashley Quinn and the team at Point Residential.

As a licensed real estate agent and accredited auctioneer, Mark is the complete package. Following a stellar broadcasting career in capital city markets all over Australia and New Zealand, Mark brings to real estate an energetic personality, unbeatable motivation, a work ethic second to none and brilliant communication skills.

Mark’s role at Point Residential has rapidly expanded and he now works side by side with Ashley on all aspects of the business, collaborating on selling, leasing, marketing, new business development and staff training.

Mark’s biggest business buzz? Working with small teams to produce BIG results.

Mark’s maxim: “Aim for the impossible, achieve the extraordinary.”

So, if you’re a property owner at Breakfast Point, Mark Kennedy’s not just your neighbour - he’s also perfectly placed to know the value of your property at this moment in time and how to achieve the maximum possible sales price.

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